Posted on May 18, 2019

Millbrook Boats

Part 2 of Construction and Ordering:

ALSO: Prices shown for open canoes do not include seats, pedestals, or any other outfitting. Many people prefer to install their own outfitting. However, if provided with adequate measurements, I can install cane or webbed seats, or minicell foam pedestals, and thigh strap anchor points at extra cost.
1 cane seat plus installation is $40.
1 minicell pedestal, a pair of padded, double thigh straps, knee pads, hip blocks, and float bag cages is $300. These prices include installation.
For a complete "gunwale job", which includes removing all old wood and decks, and installing new ash gunwales and thwarts, and fiberglass decks is $300.
Canoe maintenance: I recommend applying an exterior oil to the gunwales at least once a year. A product such as Watco or Behr's works fine. Don't store your boat in the direct sun. Also, applying a quality car wax to the hull once or twice a year will help protect it against UV damage. A composite boat that is taken care of will last at least 35 years.

Overseas Shipping: If shipping overseas I must custom build a wooden crate, and will charge accordingly, $100 for the crate, plus the associated overseas shipping charges. You will also have to pay duties, customs, or taxes when you pick up your boat. I can get 2 or 3 canoes into one crate.
Thank you,
John Kazimierczyk.
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