Posted on May 19, 2019

Millbrook Boats

Construction and Ordering Part 1:

CUSTOM BOAT CONSTRUCTION: All boats are custom built to order for the individual, there are no boats in stock. There are no dealers or retail stores carrying my canoes. All boats are laminated from a combination of S type fiberglass, which is stronger than E type, and Kevlar fabrics, using a high quality Vinylester resin for superior strength and durability. I use a pigmented skin layer (first fiberglass layer) for color, rather than a gel coat, to keep weight down. Usually the pigment color bleeds through into the Kevlar layers which are vacuum bagged. When this happens I know that there is a good mechanical and chemical bond throughout the lay-up.
My standard layup is listed below but each boat can be customized to meet the needs of its owner. Prices shown are for standard layup, solid colors, or multi-colors.
TERMS: A deposit of approximately 50% is due with your order; the remainder to be paid before or upon delivery. Your boat will not be started until your deposit is received. Also, your boat will not be shipped until final payment is received. Prices shown are for standard lay up. Other lay-ups are available. All prices and policies are subject to change without notice.
MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE to John Kazimierczyk, or Millbrook Boats. No other combinations of these words will be accepted. Bounced checks incur a $25 fee. I prefer being paid with a check or money order. Or, a wire transfer from a bank works fine.
Continued on Part 2.
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